Our Story

New Model for
a New Age

We Bring Senior Counsel to the C-Suite

We saw companies losing relevance because they were not adapting quickly enough to shifting customer demands, employee needs and marketplace realities.  At the same time they were struggling to find ways to reach their target customers in an increasingly fractured media landscape.

The additional challenge faced by start-ups and growth companies was that the current professional service models were not helping those companies pivot and thrive in the new environment. They were too bureaucratic, hierarchical, slow, and expensive.

We created a firm to help growth focused leaders create adaptable organizations that thrive, buoyed by smart business strategy and flawless sales and marketing executionB

Our cross-cultural team has careers spanning broad business, academic and legal backgrounds with a track record for delivering results.  What we share in common is a love for our craft and a passion for solving our clients’ most difficult problems and helping them thrive.

We left traditional organizations because we wanted to be part of a community of entrepreneurs creating the future of consulting and marketing services with adaptability and agility at its core, unrestricted by conventional service models, hierarchy or physical geography.

Bold Leaders Deserve an Equally Bold Partner

Our Beliefs

We believe that every organization, no matter their industry or size should be able to access top tier business advisors.

We believe that the flexibility to engage with clients based on their needs rather than a classic cost structure burdened by overhead serves everyone better.

We believe that all of our partners should have autonomy in how and where they work, providing our clients access to experts in their fields regardless of postal code.

We believe that people, purpose and profit are equally important and the bedrock that resilient organizations are built on.

We believe that conventions are meant to be broken and the merging of our collective perspectives and entrepreneurial experiences yields new and different approaches to solving age-old problems.

Our Experience